Best Vegan Food to Try This Veganuary in London

Veganuary 2024 London

Veganuary is a great place to start if you’re looking to get into eating plant-based more often. Businesses around the UK have embraced the concept, brought to life by the Veganuary charity, of having a whole month centred around introducing and inspiring people to eat vegan food during January, but also for the rest of the year. In this blog, we will highlight some of the best vegan food to try this Veganuary in London.


It comes at the perfect time as January marks the start of the year and people are always looking for New Year’s resolutions to achieve and transitioning to having more plant-based food is quite a popular goal. London has embraced veganuary with big brands like Greggs, Wagamama, Aldi and many more introducing new vegan products every January. It’s not only exciting for non-vegans looking to try something new but also for vegans living in London having a month of vegan-centric additions to popular restaurants, cafès and supermarkets.




It was just announced that Wagamama will be introducing a new vegan ‘steak’ dish for Veganuary. The new Japanese-style bulgogi dish is a vegan twist on the classic. It features lion’s mane mushroom as the steak replacement with udon noodles, aubergine, and caramelised onion in a miso sauce that’s finished with Korean BBQ sauce and kimchee.


If Wagamama’s normal menu, which is 50% vegan, isn’t good enough this Veganuary special is sure to satisfy your noodle cravings in London. This will be on all Wagamama menus throughout January, with the possibility of it returning if feedback is good. 


Wagamama Veganuary 2024
Photo by Wagamama



Bill’s normally has a fair selection of vegan options, but for Veganuary they’re stepping up their game with a vegan version of their classic blueberry pancake stack. The pancakes are sure to be a hit in the mornings as vegans try to get their sweet morning fill-ins. The vegan blueberry pancake stack is made using an OGGS egg alternative and can be finished with either fruit or vegan streaky bacon.


That’s not it for Bill’s this Veganuary as on the savoury side they have announced a Moroccan-inspired vegan chicken burger topped with red peppers and vegan mayo. Another addition to the menu is a roasted chestnut and butterbean bake that has a creamy vegan cheese sauce and pumpkin seed crumble.


Bill's Veganuary 2024
Photo by Bill’s



Everyone loves a good vegan sausage roll at Greggs every once in a while, it’s a simple on-the-go solution for your hunger. But this January, Greggs is stepping up their vegan-friendly game by reintroducing the vegan steak bake to stores around the UK. It was a big hit two years back and now is the time has come for it to make its big return.


Looking exactly like the non-vegan counterpart, the vegan steak bake is sure to be on most vegan’s must-try lists for Veganuary. Coming in at £2, the bake is made with vegan Quorn pieces mixed with diced onions and gravy in a thick, yet light layer of puff pastry.


Greggs Veganuary 2024
Photo by Greggs




For a while now, big pizza chains like Papa Johns have been giving vegan toppings a go. The current menu has enough vegan options to satisfy plant-based eaters who crave an American-style pizza. But it was just announced that Papa Johns will be introducing a new vegan chicken option to go on any of their pizzas, along with the new BBQ ‘Chicken’ pizza that hits their menus this January.


In the last year, Papa Johns has had a huge increase in vegan orders. It only makes sense that they are finally bringing in a vegan meat-free chicken option to top their pizzas. It’s about time! Although BBQ sauce on pizza is arguably a strange topping, at least there is the option to remove it if it’s not to your taste. In addition to the vegan chicken and BBQ sauce, the new pizza comes with vegan cheese, mushrooms and onions. There are many locations across London, so it will be easy for those in town to try their Veganuary offering.


Papa Johns Veganuary 2024
Photo by Papa Johns



The team at BOSH! have collaborated with Costa Coffee for their Veganuary additions. Coming to the menu this January is a vegan sausage bap for breakfast, along with three lunch options; a plant-based chicken fajita wrap, a plant-based BBQ Chicken panini and a vegan ham and cheese toastie.


On the sweet side, BOSH! and Costa have made a scrumptious caramelised biscuit rocky road, as well as a classic vegan double chocolate cookie and a chocolate and pecan slice that will all pair perfectly well with a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate at a Costa cafè.


Costa Bosh! Veganuary 2024
Photo by Costa Coffee

There are many other options out there this Veganuary, including some amazing vegan pastries and some great vegan fast food for those in the mood for something quick and tasty. 

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